Okunoshima, or rabbit island

My favorite and only aunt went back to Czech republic, she stayed for a week but we haven’t manage to visit Okunoshima – the rabbit island south-east of Hiroshima.. so I went alone just as soon as she disappeared behind check-in entrance.

the trip took a long time, more than 5 hours .. but it was worth every yen.. which coincidently was (very nearly) zero, as I was (ab)using aunt’s JR pass which was still valid.

The rabbit island is a remnant of the second world war, rabbits living there came from military chemical weapons factory on the island which was dismantled after the war and the rabbits, which were there for testing and should have been killed, but weren’t.. were released, so now there is this tiny island full of them, and there is a nicely looking hotel, camping site, museum and ferries going to the island every 30 minutes.

I went around entire island, which is only 4km long, and made plenty rabbit photos, they are everywhere and were chasing me or running towards me, hoping I would have something for them.

last ship is scheduled to leave the island at 19:00 which I took to get to the main island and back to Kyoto again in 5 hours.