I ♥ Okinawa

We spent 5 days in Okinawa and drove around entire island from southernmost capital Naha to northern-most cape. Okinawa is surrounded by a beautiful reefs and is very popular diving destination. there are also very nice tropical forests full of invasive species from all around the world.

Me and Mája flew to Okinawa’s capital Naha to meet Zdeněk, Mája’s friend from university who recently married to a cute Chinese lady named Yuan. They took us to a partially digitized eat-what-you-can restaurant where orders are done via tablets but still delivered by humans.. the food was Okinawan and quite enjoyable (mostly fish but there was Spam as well), then trip to through half of the island to Onna where Zdeněk and Yuan live at the moment (they don’t seem very happy with the flat despite the beautiful view from their balcony).

First day after arrival we spent submerged in China sea, snorkelling around small islands close to Onna town, I got stung by a sea urchin (which is not technically true – I stabbed myself with it, although unintentionally, as it usually sits still on sea-floor) and finally, month later I was able to remove last pieces of it from my arm just yesterday. The sea was warm and calm, and filled with all kind of interesting critters. we ended first day in a lovely nearby restaurant which was originally presented as having small and expensive portions, which later asked to be baseless accusation.. I even ate a sea slug!

The day after Mája and I went to a „traditional“ village for tourists and then trough jungle park to a hidden beach on Pacific  side to do some more snorkelling.. where Mája saw a shark! luckily the shark didn’t saw her. we ended totally wet even with an umbrella as it was raining for long time, so we got some new, dry dress for Mája, and yet another shirt for me. and of course evening dinner in Okinawan restaurant in Naha.

Third day was possibly most interesting and boring of them all, so I skip this as the ‚interesting‘ part is unpublishable anyway..

Fourth day was the diving day, we were accompanied by instructors and dived to 8 meters, it went smoothly and we didn’t even mind it was raining on the surface. One small blue fish decided to attack Mája’s pink dive fins, without any significant success though – Mája didn’t notice a thing. Photos of the aggravated fish attack are blurred as it was a bit dark down there.

During last day it was raining heavily so we ended in Okinawan aquarium in which we spent almost entire day. It was stunningly beautiful place, as is the whole Okinawa (except for all its numerous military bases).. But we were to depart in the evening and our plane would not wait.. I fell in love with this tropical paradise.